Opportunity U

Projects that empower our young people to unleash their potential.
Opportunity U
Projects that empower our young people to unleash their potential.
Opportunity U
Projects that empower our young people to unleash their potential.

Photo: Nambucca Heads High School’s 2022 Youth Advisory Council.

Credit: Leah Moore, The Moores Photographers

This project uses small grants to remove any financial barriers that are holding young people back or opens doors to expose them to new experiences, opportunities and people.

Youth Advisory Council

A repeatedly heard theme from our community is that young people need to be the drivers of youth-focused change. The establishment of a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is an important response to this theme and a direct way to amplify the ideas and concerns of youth.

You can read more about the YAC and how they are facilitating change in this article.

This pilot council group aims to give youth the ability to directly impact the youth agenda in our community. This group will be the first of its kind which will be an extremely empowering experience.  

Each month, 7  young people from the Valley, aged 16 to 24, will be invited to speak to the issues the council is currently addressing, or use that opportunity to put forward and talk to one of their own motions.

In addition to council meetings, the group will come together for both a collaborative and skill-building discussion with subject experts.

There are many potential benefits of engaging and broadening one’s experience through an advisory group.  These include:  

  • Having the ability to share knowledge and insights and learn from others
  • Feeling of empowerment when contributing to the wellbeing of the community and one’s peers
  • Promotes expertise
  • Networking and connections – links youth with professionals and leaders across the community whilst enhancing youths’ credentials and visibility
  • Practical experience of decision making and advisory processes
  • Enhances youths’ profiles including employability skills 
  • It is gratifying for young people to see their advice being applied and followed and their voices being heard.

Subject experts schedule 2022:

  • Wednesday 6 April – Caz Heise, Voices 4Cowper
  • Wednesday 4 May – Kate Munro, CEO Youth Action
  • Wednesday 25 May – Eliza Zanuso and Dean Besley, Bellingen Youth Hub
  • Wednesday 24 August – Russell Ingram, Office for Regional Youth | Regional Youth Community Coordinator – Mid North Coast 

To enquire about the opportunity or learn how you can contribute to this program, please contact us using the form below.

Youth Grants

Opportunity U Youth Grants have closed for the 2023/24 financial year, and we are not accepting applications.

Information about the initial program is below.

With the help of our community, we created opportunities for young people in the Nambucca Valley to have greater exposure to social, educational, career, and sporting opportunities.  These small grants helped lift any financial barriers and allowed youths to engage in opportunities they may not otherwise have when living in Regional NSW.  

To be eligible for an Opportunity U grant, young people must: 

  • Be between 8 and 18 years of age 
  • Live in the Nambucca Valley
  • Require financial assistance to be able to achieve their personal goals. 

All youths must be referred to this program.  

Are you a local business or community organisation that wants to contribute to future Opportunity U youth grants?

  • Change a young person’s life with an opportunity that inspires
  • Shift our collective community attitude towards young people. Let youth know we care
  • Make a direct investment in the future of the Nambucca Valley

For more details on how you can contribute, please email: hello@becomingu.org.au



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