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Impactful projects where mentors are added to the young person’s support and friendship circle.
Guide U
Impactful projects where mentors are added to the young person’s support and friendship circle.

Photo: Nambucca Heads High School and Frank Partridge VC Public School students in our Youth-2-Youth mentoring program. 

The mentors work as a link to the community to help build further supportive relationships and networks that will last throughout the young person’s life.

One-on-One Community Mentoring

This program is designed to help our young people feel empowered to become more resilient, connected and hopeful for the future. It will provide stability and consistency through one on one mentoring from our trained youth mentors from our community.

Community mentoring supports young people to develop a higher sense of self belief and belonging, resulting in them reaching their full potential and continuing to thrive. This mentoring will open opportunities to learn life, social and emotional skills through their matched volunteer mentor.

Youth-2-Youth Peer Mentoring

A unique peer mentoring and school transition program where year 9 students, nominated by their high school, are trained to become effective school mentors and are matched with year 6 students from the primary school. The mentor program is carried out over a period of 6 weeks. This has been tried, tested, evaluated and adapted over the past 12 months to become an effective leadership and school transition project.

Leadership and Mentoring Camps

An annual weekend camp co-designed and led by trained youth camp leaders. It will have a focus on leadership, building resilience, connection and the importance of being mentally and physically fit for a group of young people from the valley.

Mentoring and leadership camps have been co-designed with leaders in the community to increase and strengthen our young people capabilities and overall community capacity. 12 Young people will be taught how to become leaders and mentors, leading the camps with us.

Career Navigators

A way that our ex-students and others in the community can give back by mentoring current students online. This can be short term or long term online mentoring relationships. Young people have asked for different ways to gain insights into the actual industries, future workplaces and practical knowledge than what’s available so this is where Career Navigators come into play.

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