Future U

Projects creating career exploration and day-in- the-life work experiences for people in high school years 8 and 9.
Future U
Projects creating career exploration and day-in- the-life work experiences for people in high school years 8 and 9.

Photo: Students from Bowraville Central School

This project involves the whole community working together to create unique and invaluable opportunities for our young people to build their skills, encourage big dreams, and expand their circles of support.

Living Libraries

A unique initiative co-designed with Nambucca High School teachers for year seven students.

Living Libraries is a storytelling project that brings students and the community together. Local people from diverse backgrounds and with varied life experiences share short stories about a period of impact in their lives, helping students reflect on how different thinking, people, culture, beliefs, and values have changed over time. With this new knowledge and understanding, the students will start to explore their own stories, share them back, and can also seek advice about overcoming barriers.

Nambucca Heads High student with Veena Tilly as part of Becoming U's Living Libraries program
Nambucca Heads High students with Tamsyn Spear with hands covering one eye discussing Tamsyn's degenerative sight condition as part of Becoming U's Living Libraries program

Day-in-the-life Experiences

Day-in-the-life Experiences is a co-designed project that works with Nambucca Valley schools to provide invaluable opportunities for those aged 14+, referred by the school career advisor, to work with a mentor to identify three interests that they would like to explore.

The Becoming U team, in collaboration with businesses across NSW, will then initiate three days of dream career exploration, enabling young people to gain new skills and become more tangibly connected to industry

Career Camps

The Becoming U Career Camps aim to equip a group of young people with the skills and knowledge to navigate pathways into careers.  The camps bring peers together in a fun and interactive environment featuring mini ‘day in the life’ experiences within the camp in both usual and unusual future career choices. It will be jammed packed full of positivity, encouragement and opportunity and have exposure to role models.

The camp was run in April 2023.


It felt amazing to have the help that I needed.

"I was worried most about where I would be after school if I made it through and what I would've achieved by the time I finished. There were some challenges and still are to this day. There is a lot of pressure, like having heaps of studying to do and handing it in on time. Lockdown made this worse because I had no motivation to do any of my work and didn't think I really needed to. My experience with Molly as part of the Future U program was definitely worth it. She gave me more experience for when I get older like helping me get my RSA & RCG. Molly is a perfect role model and has helped me heaps. The Opportunity U grant gave me more guidance to what I want to do in the future, so I thank Molly and Uniting for being so helpful and kind. Keep doing what you're doing!"
Opportunity U Grant Recipient

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