Active U

Projects keeping our young people healthy and well.
Active U
Projects keeping our young people healthy and well.

Photo: Nambucca Heads High students and trainer Kane Gois from our Active U Boys Fitness program

Credit: Leah Moore, The Moores Photographers

Encouraging healthy minds and bodies with projects promoting non-competitive activities while building relationships and skills.

Girls in Sport - Volleyball and Basketball

We’ve often heard young people and the community say there is a struggle to keep girls engaged in sport, and this is also backed up by research that shows by the age of 17, one in two teenage girls are turning their backs on sport. Girls drop out of sports even though they acknowledge that it can make them feel more confident.

The basketball and volleyball skills workshops aim to introduce girls to a new sport, continue with a sport they once played, increase sports participation, and retain a commitment to social sport. Students are mentored by sporting professionals from Coffs Harbour Volleyball Association and North Coast Basketball in a fun and interactive environment. These workshops also provide an opportunity for girls who are not typically involved in any form of physical activity to try a new sport, adopt healthy habits, and make new friends.

This inclusive program strives to accommodate young people from all ethnicities and backgrounds. Cost and transport factors are often barriers that limit participation in sports; therefore Becoming U has removed all challenges to ensure all young people can participate equally.

Boys in Sport - Fitness

The Active U Boys Group Fitness program has been established in collaboration with Connective Fitness Macksville and Nambucca Heads High School. 

High school students participate in small group fitness sessions at Connective Fitness over a school term weekly or as required. These sessions are designed to best meet the needs of students and encourage them to test and challenge their personal capabilities in a safe environment and engage in physical activity in an enjoyable way.

This is a general well-being program for students. While it will target some students who demonstrate behavioural issues at school, it will also be used to support other students with their mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Exercise and learning also go hand-in-hand, and physical activity is an important way to promote learning and enhances academic performance. This program has a specific focus on self-determination and personal improvements, which are important skills youth can utilise in their schooling and work life.

The following elements are included in the program:

  • Resilience
  • Mental well-being
  • Anti-swearing behaviour
  • Adopting healthy habits

Read our article to learn more about the Active U Boys Group Fitness program and Kane Gois from Connective Fitness.

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