Members of Nambucca Heads High Youth Advisory Council and Isabel Pavlich-Miles from Becoing U stand with arms around each other in a garden and smile at camera.

The Becoming U team is excited and grateful that Becoming U was nominated in the Outstanding Work With Regional Young People category at the NSW Youth Work Awards hosted by Youth Action NSW.

Youth Action NSW is the peak body representing young people and the services supporting them in NSW. They advocate for positive change on issues affecting these groups.

We are privileged to be based on Gumbaynggirr Country and working together with fantastic and dedicated young people from Nambucca Valley to co-design and bring to life the programs they wanted. Programs that empower them and help them unleash their potential and thrive.

This is just the beginning and we look forward to more success for our young people. We share this honour with the young people, parents, teachers, school staff, mentors and organisations who have all played a part in Becoming U’s journey so far.

We were so happy to be nominated alongside a marvellous group of organisations in our category who have accomplished so much and lead the way in work that empowers, strengthens, and provides life-changing opportunities for young people in regional areas:

SHS/HYAP, YPSpace Kempsey & Port Macquarie,

Youth Council Program, Illawarra Centre for Enablement

Life Ready Program, Coast Shelter

KYUP! Project, Violence Prevention Education,

Tocal College,  Hunter Valley

Congratulations to Tocal College, who won the category.

On the nomination, Cass Wilson, Becoming U’s Community Impact Strategy Co-ordinator, had this to say:

“I’m so excited for the team to be recognised for its outstanding work with regional young people. It’s hard to believe this place-based initiative, which started from scratch four years ago is now what it is today. We are very grateful that the Nambucca Valley’s young people, and those people important to them, believed in this approach and have been so creative in designing solutions to issues that matter to them.”

Youth Action founded the NSW Youth Work Awards in 2013 to create an annual celebration of the exceptional work of youth services and youth workers across NSW.

Youth Action’s vision is for a society where all NSW young people are supported, engaged and valued, and their rights are realised.

Becoming U is proudly supported by Uniting NSW.ACT. and is one of 9 Uniting NSW.ACT Future Horizons initiatives. Future Horizons is a Uniting strategy to articulate our 10-year vision for a more inclusive, connected and just world. It focuses on the locations and communities with the greatest need and highest potential to reverse entrenched cycles of disadvantage. 

Becoming U and Uniting NSW.ACT are committed to respecting children and take action to keep them safe. We take the well-being and safety of children very seriously. Protecting children is at the heart of everything we do – at work, at home and in the community. We don’t tolerate disrespect towards children and act immediately to prevent abuse.

Read about the winners and the full list of amazing nominees for the 2022 NSW Youth Work Awards.


Author: Simone Atallah



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